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Ours is a web-based service, and so no one will ask you to download anything. There are no bad apps, websites or unauthorized downloads to fulfill before you can get your hands on the prize. So, what are you waiting for? Claim your XMR as soon as they are free.

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Our site is quite easy to use. We only need your Monero address and your attention as we take you through the instructions. We will ask you to complete a few requests in line with the amount you have entered, after which we will go ahead and honor our promise to credit your account with XMR. Our site is safe to users. It is also mobile friendly.

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We do not charge a dime to use our service. Our aim is to welcome you onboard the biggest digital currency of the future, and as such, we do not charge a thing. The only request we make is a completion of offers that will be relevant to you and reward you at the end when you get Monero in your wallet.