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Get your free Monero by being present and actively involving yourself in a process that only takes a few minutes of your time. Every 5 minutes, we give away XMR through our faucet.

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Ours is a web-based service, and so no one will ask you to download anything. There are no bad apps, websites or unauthorized downloads to fulfill before you can get your hands on the prize. So, what are you waiting for? Claim your XMR as soon as they are free.

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Our site is quite easy to use. We only need your Monero address and your attention as we take you through the instructions. We will ask you to complete a few requests in line with the amount you have entered, after which we will go ahead and honor our promise to credit your account with XMR. Our site is safe to users. It is also mobile friendly.

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We do not charge a dime to use our service. Our aim is to welcome you onboard the biggest digital currency of the future, and as such, we do not charge a thing. The only request we make is a completion of offers that will be relevant to you and reward you at the end when you get Monero in your wallet.

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Move Over World: Make Way For Monero, The Cryptocurrency Of The Future

Most people take financial privacy very seriously. Some would rather you mess with their social media passwords than taking a peek into their financial matters. That requires utmost confidence.

Unfortunately, all we have are banks and other for-profit organizations trying to convince us that they have our best interests at heart. They vow to keep our information confidential and out of reach to anyone but us. If that is the case, how did the recent Wells Fargo scandal happen? Can you trust anyone anymore if banks will bill your account without your informing you?

That is the premise on which cryptocurrencies were created. They were designed to eliminate the bank and make you the final decision on all monetary transactions. Essentially, you are the bank, and you have the power to manage your account as you wish. That is how Monero was created. That is how this digital currency came from nothing to a recognized legal tender that is already causing a revolution in the financial sector.

You must have heard about Monero, or you wouldn’t be on our page finding out more about our faucet. Still, we will take a few minutes to explain in depth what the cryptocurrency is all about, and what you can expect from our faucet.

What Exactly is Monero?

Monero is a cryptocurrency, just like Bitcoin, and the last 15 months have seen it rise in popularity. It is open source and was created in April 2014, to change the way we view and interact with money.

It is a digital currency that is free to transfer and cannot be traced once transferred. The only people with notifications to a transaction are the two primary individuals; the recipient and the sender. It is open-source, wallets freely available to everyone, and is now accepted by most notable vendors as a means of legal payment.

Unlike most cryptocurrencies that have been and are still derivatives of Bitcoin, Monero is stand-alone. It is based on the CryptoNote protocol. While both or many digital currencies share the general public ledger, the blockchain concept, CryptoNote does not allow a transaction to be followed through, up to the point where it reveals the recipient of the cash. Those details remain hidden and only known to the sender and recipient of the money. Why are we blabbing on about this and making it sound as though it is a big deal? Because it is. Monero was created with privacy as one of the concepts, and so using the CryptoNote protocol is how they prove their commitment to fulfilling this promise.

Since 2016, this cryptocurrency has gained popularity after being adopted by AlphaBay, a major darknet market. The adoption brought light into an otherwise little known digital currency, and one whose fame had been overshadowed by Bitcoin. The anonymity feature is the best seller for this currency, and predictions are rife that soon it might overtake Bitcoin for the anonymity.

The long and short of Monero is Privacy, Scalability, and Decentralization. How is the digital currency achieving this?

Privacy--by ensuring that none of your transactions is traceable. Anyone going through the Bitcoin blockchain that is available for public scrutiny can tell the exact location of a sender and a recipient. Not with Monero.

Scalability--the size of the Monero block is re-calculated often to prevent issues with its limit or to exceed what was intended by the creators. There is a reward system in place, and a scarcity plan formulated by the creators of this currency, who have put a cap of $18.132 million by May 2022. That will be eight years after the currency was created. The reward will decrease, and the only coins available will be the ones in circulation. By learning from the pioneers, creators are ensuring that this digital currency will never, at any point, experience a block-size limit that they did not see coming.

Decentralization--Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will need proof of work before the miner can claim their reward. So does Monero. Here, the CryptoNight Proof of Work algorithm does not need the world’s most powerful computers, and it is designed to be used in ordinary CPUs. By doing this, the community eliminates the idea that only a select few can mine the digital currency.

There are at least three ways of getting your hands on Monero. You could always decide to mine the currency yourself.

Mining requires a lot of work and specialized machinery. Not many people opt for this method of acquisition, and fortunately, it is not the only on available.

You can buy your Monero. Yes, there are several agencies available for that. The same way you would buy foreign currency if you were planning to travel to a different country is the same way you can acquire your Monero.

That is certainly easier and less time consuming than mining, isn’t it? What if we said there was an even easier way to acquire some precious Monero? Yes, there is, and this method is faster, free, and secure.

Get Free Monero Through Our Faucet

True story, you can get your free Monero through us. We run a secure, free, and reputable reward system that requires you to follow a few instructions before you can get your reward. There are no fees, no requisitions for your private information, and the rewards are honored as per our agreement. How do you go about that?

Why would we give away Monero? Well, faucets are designed to give away cryptocurrencies as a way of introducing new people to them. It is easier to teach someone a new concept by training them about it and gifting them a reward than by selling it to them.

Our faucet intends to introduce you to the future of currency by rewarding you with Monero at various intervals. We only need your Monero address, which we will ask that you fill in on our site, and then you will select the amount in your request. For every request of, say $20, we will ask you to complete one task. If you select $40, you will be required to complete two offers.

After you are done with your selection, you will proceed to the next option, which will give you a reasonable 20% bonus on the total amount, and you will be done. The final stage involves you clicking the ‘Continue’ button that will require you to complete the selected requests. After you have obliged, the Monero will be sent to your address.  Simple as that!

So, what will you need? Nothing much. An online Monero wallet, your wallet address, and a computer or a mobile phone. With those tools, you are set to go and get some Monero!


Efficient and free

Wow! That was fast! Efficient and free. Thank you team for getting me started right. My online wallet is now lined.

Simon Hillam

Works like a charm

Guess who just got their Monero! Works like a charm! I can’t wait to grow my wallet. Thank you.

Lyn Davis

It works great

I am impressed at the simplicity of the process. The instructions were easy and the process swift. I hope you can handle the numbers I am about to refer to you.

Jesse Meyers